Day9 – Akosombo To Ho

It’s Education Week in Ghana and schoolchildren take to the roads to inform people about the value of education. We saw one group running along in rhythm to a big drum while chanting and singing, holding signs encouraging parents to send their children to school.

Day8 – Akosombo

Today we returned to Cedi’s to polish our beads. Cedi used a grinder to do an initial polish. Then we polished them by hand using sand, water and lots of elbow grease.

Day7 – Beading in Odumase

Today we visited Cedi Djaba at his bead workshop in Odumase. Cedi is Ghana’s premier bead artist who is well known for his beautiful beads; he attends the big Santa Fe Artisans’ Folk Art Market annually in July. He showed us the whole fascinating powdered and recycled glass bead-making operation.

Day6 – Kumasi to Odumase

This morning we visited the Manhyia Palace and its museum, which displays history of the Ashanti people, who are still ruled by a King called the Asantahene. The museum contains the residence’s original furnishings and royal memorabilia. The current Asantahene (King) lives in a nearby modern building.

Day5 – Kumasi

Today we visited the largest open-air market in West Africa. Our guide, called Comfort, took us up to the top floor of a building under construction so we could see the expanse of the market. This photo shows only one part of it. The place is crawling with people buying and selling all kinds of …

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