Middle East

Day 20 Amman

On my last day in Amman, I visited the Jordan Crafts Center. I entered the lovely old building to find myself in heaven. Finally I found high quality textiles after the Chinese junk in the market. Unfortunately, the place was filled with Chinese tourists. Still I was thrilled to find good quality after the piles …

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Day 19 Petra

Today I visited Petra, a 3-hour drive from Amman. Clouds above indicated rain was to come. After nearly three hours of flat desert, the landscape changed as we approached Petra. Rather than follow the crowd to the park entrance, I decided to visit the museum, and was very glad I did. It gave a very …

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Day 17 afternoon Amman

In the afternoon I visited the Citadel, an expansive site that has antiquities from Amman’s Bronze Age beginnings to the present. Visitors are greeted by King Abdullah Ben al-Hussein’s portrait. Remnants of The Temple of Hercules. According to an inscription the temple was built when Geminius Marcianus was governor of the Province of Arabia in …

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Day 15 Back to Cairo

Driving for about three hours from Alexandria to Cairo, we saw scenery from the bus. These white blocks are massive apartment buildings. The trend is to move from inner city to outskirts, which are much more modern.  A varied terrain, but mostly sand. 

Day 14 Alexandria

Today we visited the catacombs, which were first built for a wealthy family but then became used by the common people.We walked down several levels to reach the tombs. The tombs show a combination of Egyptian, Hellenic and Roman influences, showing Anubis and Horus in an embalming scene. Combinations of Roman and Egyptian imagery.

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