Day 1 Miami

Back on the road again after two years of pandemic. I couldn’t wait any longer so I’m off to Cuba. When I travel I like to look at the local media to see what I can learn about the local culture. Miami is different from the SF Bay Area as shown by these TV shows …

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Day 4 – St. Louis

It is Speakers Day at the Surface Design Conference, held at the St Louis History Museum.  Along with others, I added a few stitches to Catherine Reinhart’s  quilt, part of her Collective Mending Session project which has already had many contributors, primarily from Iowa. She creates interesting textures with threads on quilt tops. One speaker …

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Day 3 – St. Louis afternoon

To my surprise, the art gallery was closed, and I could only see the pieces through the window. I knocked on the door and the woman in charge kindly let me in to see the work of Eva Petric, a Slovenian artist.

Day 3 – St. Louis morning

Today I headed for the famous arch, not hard to find from my lodging. I took the ride up inside the arch in a tiny cabin with a small window to show the mechanical nuts and bolts that are keeping the cabin safe. A little claustrophobic but only a four minute ride.

St. Louis – Days 1 and 2

I arrived late afternoon in St. Louis and checked into my Airbnb, small but with a wonderful view of the famous Arch. I did some shopping at the local grocery chain, Schnucks, bypassing the sushi al Mayo.

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