Day 12 – Granada in the afternoon

After visiting the Alhambra on the hill in the morning, we have some free time to visit Granada in the afternoon. I roam around and come across this guitar maker, whose sign says Paco Santiago Marin, Constructor de Guitarras. The door is slightly ajar to his very small workshop so I peek in. He is happy to share his work, which he does with his son. He says he is just one of many guitar makers in Granada, and it takes him about 2 months to make a guitar from start to finish.

I pop into the cathedral which occupies the main square.

Adjacent to the cathedral is the Alcaiceria, site of the ancient Muslim silk market. Now it sells cheap synthetic scarves and other souvenirs, mainly from India.

Stall after stall of similar items. It’s hard to understand how the vendors survive, but some people must buy this stuff.

Heading towards the Albaicin, a neighborhood where the Muslims were forced to reside after the reconquest, I find the streets steep and narrow.

I come across a shop selling nuts.

Then I look into a very small church and see that some nuns, all dressed in white, with white veils over their faces, are starting a worship ceremony. They file in, one after the other. Once one of them settles in at the organ, they begin to sing.

After listening for a few minutes, I leave the church and find a hookah teteria, which is a tea house. They drink lots of tea in Granada. I have never tried a hookah. Somehow I don’t like the idea of the mouthpiece.

Yummy sweets fill a window.

I decide on a different type of sweet. On a plaza near the cathedral, a cafe called the Alhambra Churreria specializes in churros. I see some customers dipping their churros in thick chocolate.

I decide I have to try it. WOW!! After eating way too many, I ask the waitress whether this serving is for one or two. She says their usual service is five churros. I made four of them my dinner. So good.

On the way back to the hotel, I pass by a shop with fabulous Italian clothes. And they are not expensive. Maybe I will look up the shop in Rome.

Tomorrow we visit Toledo on the way back to Madrid.

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