Day 140 – Bogliasco

The town is very small, but many of its buildings have the characteristic Ligurian painted facades.

I came across a glass worker, whose shop was also filled with bikes and books. He was shy for camera but not at all hesitant to tell me that his grandfather had rented out bikes to vacationers from the very same shop and that the books are free for the taking as part of his exchange program.

I’m pleased to see a very rugged coast. No endless rows of umbrellas here.

A passeggiata along the water brings folks and dog together.

The public beach requires some stamina and balance to reach the sand. Maybe tomorrow…

The town is beloved by surfers, who were out riding the waves despite the oncoming storm.

This beach has an easier access. More likely for tomorrow.

A medieval bridge may be the only remaining structure from that epoch.

I returned to my lodging to stay out of the rain, pleased with my initial impressions of the town.

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