Day 16 – Madrid to Valencia

Today I’m going to visit the Prado. I had not been able to get tickets when I first arrived over a week ago as they were all sold out. I am now able to visit the famed museum.

I meet the tour guide in front of the Memorial to Goya statue. There are only three of us on the tour. The guide Monroe is exceptionally knowledgeable. He is an art history expert from Houston now living in Madrid. I am VERY fortunate to have such an excellent guide.

Photos are forbidden in the Prado, but Monroe shields me as I take this snapshot of a painter who is making a replica. The Prado allows certain painters into the museum to do this type of work. Their results are often hard to distinguish from the real thing.

My morning in the Prado goes way too fast, but I thoroughly enjoy it, especially with Monroe’s expert guidance. The Goya Black paintings! WOW!! But I’ve got to take the train to Valencia and need to make sure I allot enough time to switch train stations and find the right platform.

I manage to do it without undue stress and enjoy the trip to Valencia.

Once there, I try out a free taxi ride I received with my storage locker transaction in Madrid. Called FreeNow, it’s like Uber. I was gifted two 10 Euro rides when I used the storage locker in Madrid. All these cars are taxis at the Valencia train station, but I wait for my FreeNow driver, who comes soon enough. I’m so not well versed with the Uber/FreeNow type of thing, but I plan to get better at it. It sure beats walking with luggage over cobblestones.

My Airbnb makes me happy. On the second floor, its balcony looks over a pedestrian street. The hostess is an architect. It shows.

I take a quick walk around the area and come across a shop selling buttons and trimmings. This sign designates it as an historic shop.

Around the corner from my lodging I find a sweets shop that calls to me with its cakes decorated with fruit. I will try a piece before I leave.

I’m not far from the main square which is bordered by majestic buildings.

I will need to explore more of Valencia tomorrow. Time to rest now.

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