Day 17 Sydney

Paddy’s Market used to be a food market…
But now it’s an enormous warehouse filled with t-shirts and inconsequentials. How much junk can the world consume?
I joined a free tour for a few moments on the way to the Opera House. The Queen Victoria Building.
Down at Circular Quay, some aborigines are out to entertain the tourists. Great music cds for sale..
Tourists lounging by the docks.
The Opera House tour covered inside and out at a very superficial level, but it gave a good idea of the challenges that had to be overcome to build the structure.

Next I took a ferry to Cockatoo Island, which once served as a convict prison, then a girls reform school, and in World War II served as a ship building and repair site. Now it’s a UNESCO heritage site, which is why I chose to visit it. You can camp out in one of its many tents if you don’t mind being surrounded by flocks of pigeons, who seem to have taken over the island.

Prison wall patina.
Back to Darling Harbor.

Some strange bird I have yet to identify. Several of them are pecking around this plaza.

A big highlight of today was finding Mamak, a restaurant that specializes in Malaysian roti and satay.
Mamak was full of locals, and the food delicious. This food worker is making the roti. So many different kinds of food here…not just Chinese, but restaurants specializing in cuisine from Hong Kong, Szechuan, Xi’an, Taipei, Korea, Thai…so many more.
Another find: the NITV channel… The National Indigenous TV channel. Interesting programs on the aborigines, including a rock concert, and a program on Sitting Bull. Hard to see the “be all you can be” messages after they’ve suffered such oppression, but it’s good to see they have their own channel.
Not sure about tomorrow. I could have cut this trip by a day. Sydney doesn’t appeal to me much…a big global financial center similar to SF’s financial district with pretty bay views and a UNESCO heritage Opera House. I’m sure there’s more, but I added Sydney on as an afterthought. If I had the time I’d take a day tour to the Blue Mountains but it’s too late to sign up for tomorrow morning. Guess I’ll just have to wind down and take it easy. Maybe an aboriginal tour of the Botanic Gardens. Or maybe just a lounge in the sun. Finally consistently sunny weather.

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