Day 26 Ahmedabad

Today is Valentine’s Day, and in Ahmedabed, it’s observed seemingly as much as in the States. We were greeted with a rose by our guide, heart balloons in the van, and this sweet dessert at the hotel.

This morning we visited the Calico Textile Museum. It is a private museum with security that exceeds the heaviest TSA inspection you can imagine. No bags, no cameras, no mobiles, etc. which is unfortunate because the grounds are wonderful and the textiles exquisite. I’m sorry I could not take any photos.
It is the best textile museum I have ever visited, bar none. We had a 2.5 hour guided tour which took us through QUICKLY…only 20 people allowed in for the tour. Special permission is required for additional access.
After the tour we visited a crafts shop, where this charming embroidery piece hangs on the wall.
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