Day 28 Ahmedabad to Poshina

A security guard at one of our pit stops. He dyes his mustache and hair with henna. It helps to cool off his head, according to our guide.
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We reach the town of Poshina, very near the Rajasthani border. This gentleman, a local tribal chieftain, plays the drum to welcome us to this heritage hotel, the Darbargadh Poshina.
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The grandson of the Maharaja is managing the facility with his wife, who designs block prints. The castle is in a beautiful setting, backdropped by mountains. The family conquered the area over 400 years ago. They have 60 villages under their jurisdiction. Even though they have no formal authority, the family is still respected by the tribals and will advocate for them with the government if necessary.
In 2002 there were massacres of Muslims in Gujurat, and the Maharaja invited Muslims to come to Poshina for refuge.
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We visited a potter who makes ceremonial horses.
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His name is Hanupal Singh, and like his forefathers, he makes horses from the lake clay.They sell for 100 rupees, about a dollar and a half. Carla bought a horse and I an elephant.
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We walk through the town, past a row of tailor shops.
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We pass a number of large memorials that were constructed to honor individuals who had helped the community in some way. They are from a bygone era and look odd in the midst of the poor village next to the government shop that sells goods at a discount to the poor.
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A fire made of cow dung. Oddly it does not stink or even have a scent. Perhaps I can’t smell it because of my stuffed up nose.
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We walk down a street of blacksmith shops where they make knives and arrowheads.
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This man is using a hand drill to put holes into brass.
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All the tribals leave the village of Poshina at sundown to return to their native villages in the surrounding forest area.
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We return to the castle for dinner and a look at the sunset.

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