Day 33 Bhuj

This morning we visited the Kutch Museum, where we saw many fine examples of embroidered textiles.

Then we visited the Aina Mahal, an 18th century palace of mirrors.

It contains interesting rooms showing how the rulers lived.

And a photo of the last ruler with his new Toyota hybrid.

On our own on our last afternoon in Bhuj, we came across a very large parade of people celebrating some god or goddess. If only we read this language. It may not even be Hindi. The men paraded separately from the women.

The women ended up in a very large tent where they chanted together. They became distracted by our presence. (We were not wearing red.)

Festivals and parades in India are a joy to see and we were very glad to have come across this one, even though we did not know the occasion.

Later that day we headed for the airport and a flight to Mumbai, then home. Sad to leave this wonderful country.

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