Day 34 – Genga and Jesi

Today we took off toward the coast, toward Genga, leaving behind Fabriano. We passed through what’s called the Gola di Frassasi, a deep gorge of the Sentino River that runs for miles.

We visited the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Frassasi, which required climbing up a very long and steep trail passing stations of the cross to reach the top.

The sanctuary is a very small and evocative space carved out of the stone.

We visited Genga and a Benedictine monastery built around 1000. The very simple interior provided us a space for an Italian lesson.

Down by the river are spots for bathing in the water which has a faint sulferous smell.

Next we visited the Frasassi Grottoes, over 30 km of caves deep in the mountainside.

Words are hard to find to express the very magical scenes of stalagmites and stalagtites.

Later. we checked in to our bed and breakfast in Iesi. The town does not have a large enough hotel to accommodate the group so we are split into different lodgings. I am very glad to have a garden and a wonderful view of the countryside.

Tomorrow we shall see what Iesi is about.

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