Day 49-50 – Agnone

We visit several shops in Agnone known for artigian products. Carosella is an historic shop known for its prized sweets, in particular confetti, candies made from almonds and sugar.

Anna shows us a vintage tool used to make sweets called ostia.

The shop still makes the ostie in a traditional recipe going back to the 1830s.

Patrizia shows us the jewelry she makes in her shop.

Filippo decided to follow the path of his grandfather and father, working in copper.

He is proud to work with the luxury firm Fendi to make high-end purses and belts.

Our dinner at a local home features a zuppa that was traditionally brought out to the fields by the women for the workers.

Riding in style.

The next day we have a picnic in an area a few miles outside of Agnone. Crosses can be found frequently in the area, as at this crossroads. We picnic at the foot of a mountain called Monte S. Onofrio, where several years back, a man from Milan saw an apparition of the Madonna in her red cape. Now on the 8th of every month, worshipers climb up the mountain to the site of the vision.

The green hills remind me of Marin County.

Concetta reveals the fabulous custard dessert she made for us.

We take a walk in the woods where I find some very beautiful wildflowers to press and use for eco-prints. This one is called Martagon Lilly.

Saturday night is lively in Agnone. Everyone is out talking, talking, talking on the streets and in the bars,

Tomorrow we visit a town called Frosolone for a tour and a Sunday lunch.

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