Days 54-55-56 – Agnone

We visit the town of Salcito, another hill town near Agnone, to meet a naturalist who will take us on a walk in the area.

On the way we drive over one of the many bridges that criss-cross the region. Our driver Fernando tells us that the bridge failed just two days after its opening. Undoubtedly the poor construction was due to corrupt officials and/or contractors. It has since been successfully repaired.

We take a walk with Antonio, a naturalist and trekking guide. He takes us on a tratturo, one of the many sheep trails crossing Molise.

The tratturi were quite wide but have now grown more narrow through disuse. I use the Seek app to identity the many plants we see along the way.

It’s a beautiful time of day to be walking through the fields.

Melinda takes a photo of a town in the distance. It could be Agnone, but there are several similar hilltop towns in the area, and it’s hard to identify them from afar.

The next day we visit the copper museum in Agnone. On the walls are photos of the iconic copper water jug that women used to carry water from the communal fountain.

Agnone became a well-known center of copper production with over 100 workshops in its historic center.

The museum displays tools of the trade.

One of the owners shows us how the copper was worked, and our guide Mario tells us how he heard as a child the tapping of hammers on copper throughout the town.

I have been drinking Chinotto, my favorite Italian non-alcoholic beverage. At home I rarely find it and when I do, it costs something like $4 a small bottle. Here I got 3 (three!) for 1.65 Euro total.

We have our last night dinner at the Cafe Letterario in the main piazza.

The priest, originally from the Congo, passes by.

I visited Rosa in her jewelry shop located right off the piazza.

People sit and talk (with hands, of course,) outside her shop on a bench.

A woman looks down on the action from on high.

We enjoy an aperitivo before dinner.

It’s getting close to the end of our program. We’re starting to think about good-byes.

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