Day 57 – Agnone to Rome

A mountain bike race happens on our last day in Agnone. All the town is out to send off the racers, along with these two strangers who add a decorative touch.

The race runs through the mountains around Agnone.

The Agnone Folklore group kicks off the race. They perform several dances, all in good form.

It’s fun to see them having a good time.

Some of the local women, who have a booth showcasing their group, take a selfie with Silvana, our loving guide in blue.

The excitement mounts as the cyclists take their positions.

And they’re off!

The cyclists are on their way, and we are too.

We drop off Joan at the rail station in Cassino. The monastery on Monte Cassino, the site of one of the bloodiest battles in World War II, has been reconstructed. The bombing destroyed the monastery and the town, which is now full of buildings constructed after the war.

Fernando drops me off at my lodging, which is just a few minutes from the Piazza del Popolo. I’m definitely no longer in Agnone.

Despite the many tourists, the enormous piazza makes it seem relatively uncrowded.

The lions spouting fountain water are attractive in this heat.

I have dinner with Melinda, a friend from the Agnone group, at the 500-year-old restaurant La Campana, in a little vicola in front of a church founded in 1455 called Saint-Yves-des-Bretons.

We share tagliatelle with truffles and lamb cutlets. A nice first night in Rome.

I plan to sleep in tomorrow, my first chance in a couple of weeks.

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