Day 7 – Tomar, Nazaré, Obidos, Lisbon

We started out the day with a visit to Tomar, a town that was created inside the walls of the Convento de Cristo, constructed by the  Knights Templar in Portugal in the late 12th century.

We had very little time and very little guidance, so I don’t have much to say about it except it is massive and interesting. Wiki has more to say.

Four spiral staircases connect one level to another.

A round and incredibly beautiful chapel is shaped like one in Jerusalem.

This facade is in the Manuline style, a style unique to Portugal. The facade shows the tree of life.

Lots of steps are required to explore this massive complex.

The dining room, modernized.

The kitchen ceiling.

We then drove to the beach at Nazaré. The area is known for its surfing, its enormous waves due to the presence of tectonic plates.

The church at Nazaré.

A wedding is underway.

The interior of a chapel constructed over a cave where was found a Madonna and scroll said to have been brought to Portugal from Jerusalem in the days of yore.

A replica of the Madonna stands below the chapel. In the tourist literature it’s said to be a black Madonna, but it was only dark due to dirt and age, and is now under restoration.

Back down by the beach in Nazaré, it started to rain, and a few of us headed into the first spot we found along the seaside. It turned out to be an authentic place patronized by many locals on their weekend holidays from Lisbon.

I ordered sole, my go-to fish. I’m not a fish lover, the bones, the smell, the mess. But when it arrived, I had to deal with all that. Fortunately, a fellow traveler to showed me how to eat it.

After lunch the rain had stopped. We walked back to the bus along the beach and came across various types of boats, the history and use of each described on signs written in Portuguese and English.

A fisherman mended his nets.

It was great fun to see him using the same tool used in fiber art class for knotless netting.

Dried fish stands along the beach.


A dried fish fishmonger.

Next we visited the town of Óbidos, a very ancient city now turned into a Disneyland.

The entrance gate still showed signs of its history.

But most of the town has been transformed into a theme park. This corner is one of the few without souvenir shops and crowds.

A free taste of Ginjinha took the edge off.

It comes in plain and chocolate versions. Mmmm..

We made our way from Obidos to Lisbon in about an hour. It was a very long day, and it took all I could muster to go down the street to the convenience store for a ready-made salad. Greens…Mmmm.

Tomorrow we tour Lisbon.

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