Day 8 – Eating and Weaving at Terre di Nano, Monticchiello

We arrived late from Lago Trasimeno to Terre di Nano, an historic villa and winery where we will be staying for the next six days. Three of those days include a tapestry workshop. We had a scrumptious tomato soup on arrival, very fresh and natural.

It was accompanied by an assortment of local cheeses and jams.

Thick tree trunks form the ceiling of my room.

The bath is decorated with an odd combination: tiles of hunting scenes and stripes and fleurs de lys.

Our tapestry instructor, Lynn Curran, is Scottish but has been living in Italy for about fifteen years.

She put out an array of threads she uses in her tapestries.

Here are some of her sample pieces.

We set up looms, simple and light frames which are easily portable.

After a day of weaving, we dined on a creamy rice and asparagus dish, among other offerings.

The dessert, a panna cotta made with vegan cream and chestnut honey.

Chef Giorgio tells us that the combination of panna cotta and chestnut honey, sweet and a little sour, is his favorite.

Tomorrow we head off explore some of the hill towns in the area.
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