Day 9 – Merida and Seville

We left Lisbon in the rain, reminding me that just over a week ago when I left San Francisco, it was also raining. A similar view.

Morning traffic into Lisbon.

We stopped at a roadside stand in Evora, a place known for its cork trees.

A busload of Hungarian tourists took to the woods to examine the trees.

Next we came to the town of Merida, which was founded as a place for retired Roman soldiers during the reign of Augustus. We came across a shop selling replicas of Roman artifacts.

Denise checked out some earrings with the owner, a French archaeologist who eagerly explained the objects.

Next we visited ruins of the theater and the amphitheater.

The theater is still used for events today.

The amphitheater held gladiator events, which took place whenever celebrations were in order.

The landscape on the way to Sevillle reminded me a bit of California.

Both Portugal and Spain have planted jacaranda with pretty purple blossoms everywhere. The trees came in the age of discovery from South America.

I had a trip to the supermarket where this produce wrapped in plastic belies their eco-pitch. These plastic-encased fruits and vegetables sit in the fridge, and I’m guessing that they are stored this way because Seville can get hot “like hell,” (our guide’s words, not mine.)

It’s not that hot today, which enables these exercisers to work out in the park with vigor.

Tomorrow we will tour Seville.

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