Day11 – Pietrasanta

In the Renaissance, the town was laid out in an orderly design that differed from the narrow, convoluted maze of midieval towns.
Enormous statues by the sculptor Igor Mitoraj stand or lie prominently in the main square.

Che bello!

Pietrasanta has many art galleries. In the Galleria Barbara Paci, we find the work of Aron Demetz, whose life-sized sculptures in wood connect humans to the earth.
We drive to Via Montiscendi for a dyeing workshop with Brunella Cinquini. She has developed her expertise by dyeing the wool of her cashmere goats with natural materials.

After our afternoon with Brunella, we visit Forte dei Marmi, the wealthiest beach town on the Versilia coast, and perhaps in all of Italy. Framed by the white marble Apuan Mountains, the beach is lined with private establishments which charge for beach chairs by the season.

Walking out onto a public pier, we come across an impressive sculpture called Ulysses by Anna Chromy. A quote beneath the blindfolded figure expresses the thought that when you are lost in the throes of a raging sea, you must find the way by looking inside yourself.

Nearing sunset, the sun gleams on the water’s surface from behind massive clouds. The weather has been exceptionally hot for June. Here at the beach a little breeze is refreshing.
Our driver, Marzio Paganelli, poses with Lok Yeung, the only member of our group from British Canada. The remaining four of us all come from the SF Bay Area.
As we stroll down the streets of Forte dei Marmi, we can’t help but notice that the beautiful sidewalks are made of marble.
We drive to Capezzano Pianore for a farewell dinner in the home of Gabriela and Alfredo. Gabriela has prepared a fish dinner, which we enjoy with a local white wine called Pecorino, one of Gail’s favorites. She unfortunately had to leave the group early to make her plane connections. I had to have a glass for her.

Homemade pasta with chunks of a light white fish.

Gabriela keeps the plates coming. The dinner includes this very mild fish dish along with mussels stuffed with ground  beef, an octopus dish, anchovies, and many others. Although I am not a fish lover, I find more than enough to like in the variety of dishes we are served.

Tomorrow the tour ends after breakfast, and I’m off to Pisa to catch a train to Modena.

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