Day13 – Chimbay

This woman belongs to the only family in Karalkapakstan that still makes yurts.

They make a lattice from willow wood and leather.

The lattice provides support for the yurt walls.

Felt used for the walls is stacked and stored. We had hoped to see the felt being made, but these yurt makers purchase it elsewhere.

They bend the wood by wetting and heating it, then pushing against it in a vise.

They put up the frame for us…

And offered us bread.

A man from the village looked on.

They showed us how they use a gourd for carrying water.

Two boys worked on the family plot.

The neighbors called us over next door. The grandmother, in her eighties, had not met foreigners and wanted to say hello.

Another woman in the neighborhood wanted to say hello too!

We visited a house where they weave the decorations and bands for the yurts.

Three generations…

The chairwoman of the community heard through the grapevine that visitors had come to the village, so she came out to greet us.

Kids in neighborhood came out to greet us too.

We stopped to use a toilet at a restaurant and saw this sign. It apparently says something like, “Put your trash in the trash bins.”

Back in Nukus, we visited a museum created by the family of the actress Ayam Khan Shamuratova. She was the first female actress in Karakalpak in the 1930s. The museum displays items from her life and that of her husband Amet Shamuratov, a statesman and playwright.

Ayam was also a singer. This phonograph record is printed with her image.

This photo from one of her performances shows a dramatic scene. It was interesting to learn about the life of this actress who paved the way for women to enter the theatre in Central Asia.

Back at the hotel, we waited to go to the airport for an 8 pm flight to Tashkent. When we got to the Nukus Airport, we found it under construction. We had to walk a gangplank to cross one of the many construction ditches. Fortunately, the workers helped us with our overstuffed luggage, and the airport staff closed their eyes at our overweight bags.

In the airport, I met this very nice young woman who insisted I use the bathroom before her, although she had been in line first.

We had a very short flight to Tashkent, arriving just after 9pm.

Tomorrow we tour Tashkent and do some last minute shopping. Our trip is nearly over!

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