Day19 – Palermo to Genova

Good-by to Palermo today. A driver takes me to the airport at 2:30pm. At breakfast I said good-byes to the remaining tour members. We all agreed we couldn’t have asked for a better group of 9 people.

So what to do until 2pm? Today is Pasquetta, the little Easter, which calls for more celebration. Music fills the streets. Many places are closed, but the tourist office gave me a list of open sites.

I have seen most of the major sites in Palermo, resulting in a choice between the Palazzo Chiaramonte (two stars in the Michelin guidebook) or the Ballarò, a market I have visited before.

My intuition led me to Ballarò, and I was pleased with my choice.

I immediately met Pino, who had lived 19 years working in New York before returning to Palermo to marry and settle down in a nice house built with his savings. He liked speaking English once again.

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