Day24 – Addis Ababa

Today is a shopping day! My plane leaves 10:30pm so lots of time to relax.

Our guide David has kindly extended his services to take us to Churchill Road this morning to purchase last minute gifts and souvenirs. He first takes us to the Shumeta Gallery, a large antique dealer whose extensive inventory of beads and carved wooden objects could take someone like me a good day to peruse.

When I took my beads to the owner to begin negotiations, he asked his helper to open the ‘special’ room, which was filled with many more beads and antiquities. I took myself under control and bought just one set of beads, good ones.

Next we went to Churchill Road where shop after shop overflows with souvenirs.

The van was due back to the hotel at 11am, so three of us hired a taxi to take us to Salem’s, a high-end handicraft place I had found on the internet. We thought it might be a little hard to find, because there was no address on the website, just a sketchy map. But the taxi driver knew of it, so it was no problem. We were thrilled to find artists at work in their studios.

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