Day25 – Camposasco

Today the sea pounded the shores of Zoagli in the early morning rain. We made sure to take umbrellas on our excursion to Camposasco. Maurizio picked us up in the Zoagli piazza, then we headed for Bocca di Leivi, which in Genovese means the “spine of Leivi,” a crest on the mountains across a valley from Camposasco.

Maurizio stopped to point out the houses of Iolanda and Giuliana. This photo shows the Camposasco church and Giuliana’s home on the farthest right.


The building has been converted into two homes: the yellow side, the birthplace of Grandma Chiara, belongs to Giuliana now. The pink side belongs to Adele, Iolanda’s niece. Adele’s brother Rino has built several homes on the land above and sold them as condos. The whole little area of four or five houses is called Case Cade in Genovese.

We visited Iolanda first, whose home sits on a promontory from which she can see far down the Fontanabuona Valley.


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