Day29 Lake Como

We took an all-day boat trip on the lake. It took two hours to reach Bellagio, stopping at many lovely villages and villas along the way.

As we went farther north, the beginning of the alps appeared.

We got off in Tremazzo to visit the 20-acre botanical gardens at the Villa Carlotta. The villa was built in the 1690s by a wealthy silk merchant of the Clerici family and has passed through many owners since. 

Whimsical garden art throughout the grounds add to the fun of walking through the gardens.

The gardens have a wide range of plants and trees, even redwoods!

These are the biggest lupines I have ever seen, some over 3 feet.

Kids busily created mosaics by the side of the villa.

We found an exhibit on silk and paper on the second floor of the villa. These little dots are silkworm eggs.

Women harvest cocoons in a silk factory sometime in the mid-20th century. I once interviewed a woman from San Rafael who worked as a girl in a silk factory near Milan. She said that the “fila” girls would have to stay in the back of the church because they smelled so bad from working with the cocoons.

We ended up in Bellagio, climbing the steep steps behind the dock. Lots of nice items in the shops we generously left for the many other tourists on Via Serbelloni.

We took a fast boat back to Como and settled into our lodging to get ready for our next day’s travels. Kate is off to Lorraine and I’m on to Arezzo. 

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