Day3 Cagliari and Sant’Antioco

Today I headed for the cathedral in the castle area of Cagliari. I was wrong in thinking that this historic area was saved from bombing in WWII. Parts of the cathedral were destroyed, but are now restored. 

The Duomo Museum was closed, as was the crypt beneath the cathedral altar, despite the hordes of tourists roaming the area on their day off the cruise ship at the port.
I happened on the Viceroy’s Palace, where lived the Piedmontese Viceroy who ruled Sardinia for decades.  A celebration was taking place for what I was told was Sardinia’s Independence Day. April 28, 1794 represents Sardinian Vespers, the day the Sardinians kicked the Piedmontese rulers off the island.

Portraits of former Viceroys cover the walls of the palace.

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