Day3 – Train to Matera

Off today on a train to Bari, then another train to Matera. I boarded the train noted on the big departure sign in the Rome Termini station. When I looked for coach no. 7 per my electronic ticket, I discovered there was no coach no. 7. A train employee told me that my train had already left. But how could this happen? I couldn’t believe it! I still had 5 minutes to catch the correct train, but this man insisted that the train that matched my ticket had already left the station, and I had to buy another ticket if I wanted to get to Bari on the train I was on.

Of course, I was suspicious. The new ticket actually cost more than my electronic ticket, plus this train got into Bari 2 hours later. How could I have missed seeing my train on the departure board? But I had to roll with it. I stayed on the slow train.

After my initial upset with the ticket, I settled into a seat only to be joined by three Italian women going from Rome to Cosenza. Apparently the thought that not everyone appreciates the use of scented products has not taken hold here, as all three reeked of something sweet and pungent.

They ate cakes and talked almost the whole time of things to eat and recipe details, plus how to win a contest on their cell phones that would get them thousands of dollars a month and what they would do if they won… visits, jewelry, a life of luxury.

I had much fun watching their hand gestures as they got excited about winning and listened as they pondered strategy – using the same number over and over or changing numbers each day. You, too, can Win for Life.

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