Day33 Valle Casentina

We’ve been touring in the Valle Casentino, a beautiful area west of Florence, north of Arezzo, that is virtually untouched by mass tourism.

This morning we drove high up into the mountains to the Agriturismo Casa Pallino where the sheep were being sheared. The shearer, a man from Rimini whose company is called Longhorn Shearing, sheared about one hundred Sardinian sheep with a minimum of fuss.

He showed us his special shearer shoes which keep him from sliding. He wears two pairs of pants to protect against the lanolin.

Next the cheesemaker, Luciano Cipriani, gave us a demo of how he makes his particular cheese.

His mother, Miranda Gorelli, made the ricotta, and showed us the rolling pin she inherited from her grandmother, which she says is also good for chasing the husband away when he comes home drunk.

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