Day6 Hepburn Springs

The Swiss-Italian Festa parade master…


The parade clown…

The parade poster boy…???

The parade horse riders….

Really a sweet community affair that has been going on for 25 years. They teach Italian in the local schools and keep the traditional alive by getting the kids engaged in the festival.

After the parade I met local historian Clare Gervasoni for lunch. She was very generous with her time and information.

Next I headed out to a farm where the owner, a Mr. Tinetti, put on a history exhibit.

It was very extensive, but I had to rush through as another tour was held at the same time. I did manage to see the old wool press, which was used to bundle wool into bales.

Back in Hepburn Springs, Maria Viola gave a tour of the Lucini Macaroni Factory. The sign over the entrance says “Hepburn Democratic Club” which was frequented by the Italian-speaking immigrants forced from home for supporting Garibaldi and the unification of Italy.

This photo shows the store and hotel across the street from the macaroni factory back in years past…

Quite a day despite the rain. Tomorrow will be clear!

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