Day9 – Catania

First off today I headed for the fish market. An amazing barrage of sights, sounds and smells.

This boy is selling woven palm leaves for Palm Sunday.

Sea urchins. I think you can eat these raw. Although beautiful, they’re not for me.

What is that? I asked. Pancia…cow stomachs…

On to the Diocesan museum, which had an exhibit of photographs on Easter in Sicily. I thought this exhibit would be good to see given my tour of Easter celebrations next week. It included photographs of Easter celebrations across Sicily from the Seventies and Eighties, which I guess to some people is a long time ago. Wasn’t it just yesterday?

The museum has a roof garden which allows panoramic views of the city, I finally caught a glimpse of Etna. Bellissimo!

Next stop was the Bellini Gardens, an oasis in the midst of the city. Giovanni had recommended Savia, a restaurant across from the Bellini Gardens. Such heavenly granita! I never knew it could taste so deeply chocolate with such fine granularity. Yummmmm….

Savia has counters filled with pastries, including the minuzzi, or cassetelle. This pastry represents the breasts of St. Agatha, patron saint of Catania. Back in the days when the Romans persecuted Christians, Agatha refused to renounce her Christian faith, for which the Romans cut off her breasts. I can’t possibly try everything, and I let this one go, although it was very tempting.

Back in my neighborhood, I stopped in the shop of a jeweler who makes earrings and bracelets from lava rock. It is not fine jewelry, but charming all the same, with scenes evoking Catania, Sicily, and Italy.

Next I visited the Ursino Castle, a structure built in the 1200s by Emperor Frederick II. I love the simplicity.

The area in front of the castle is apparently used as an informal dog park.

The castle is very close to the Palazzu. On the way back, I got the idea to cook pasta for supper. After all, I have a kitchen. So I purchased some artichoke ravioli to cook a casa. Maria pointed out her specialities, including pasta made without eggs.

Well, once in the apartment I discovered I had no stove or burners. What to do?… Oh, but wait! I can use the coffee maker device that boils water for coffee to boil the pasta…only four minutes. I set my iPhone to time it.

But after I put the pasta in, (I knew this was highly irregular,) the water overflowed the pot. I kept pouring water out, but it kept overflowing. Suddenly I heard a snap, and the electricity went dead.

OH OH OH!!! What to do? I had blown a fuse. I hoped it was not more than that. Oh my gosh! A real “I Love Lucy” moment. I needed to get rid of the evidence. Should I put the ravioli down the toilet? But wait…the water did not work either. What would it look like to have ravioli floating in the toilet? OMG!

Nothing to do up own up. I found Giovanni and told him I screwed up. I don’t think he understood at first, but then he was incredibly understanding. Something about if we are alive, these things happen. Se si vive .. In other words, this is life. He even said it was a good idea to use the coffee pot to boil the pasta. Well, I admit that that might have been more than a little stupid.

Whew! What kindness! He flipped a few switches and brought everyone back to normal, because it was not just my apartment, but all of them that lost electrical and water.

UUFA! Che figura! But the ravioli ai carciofi (al dentissimo) was wonderful.

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