Days 23-24 -Val Taleggio

These last couple of days have been low-key and relaxing. I went off on the trail to find the butterfly bush plant to create another banner.

I have passed this baita before, but each time I notice something new.

I wonder how long this basket has been serving its purpose.

I find a butterfly on the butterfly bush.

Just a few steps out of town and the world changes.

On the way back I see a variety of tomatoes on the vine.

And I follow an immigrant on the narrow stone path. I wonder what she must think of these medieval surroundings. They are unique and interesting to me. What must they seem to her?

It rained last night in huge thunderstorms and did not stop raining for most of today. It is fine with me because I am packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Fog in the mountains. I feel at home after all that intense heat and humidity.

The downpour is relentless.

This evening we visited Fulvia, a woman who is on the board of Nahr, at her historic house in Olda.

Surprisingly, at the entrance we encounter a couple of mules who freely walk the streets of Olda as if they are in a pasture.

The house is in Liberty Style, built in the early 1900s by a man who had made a fortune on Paris and returned to his home town of Olda to live in this mansion.

After several changes of owners, the place was bought by Alessandro Mendini, a well-known architect and designer, renowned for his unique designs.

He left some features of the original house while adding colorful pieces designed in his very whimsical style.

Nearly every room has an interesting view.

It was my going away get together, and I was sent off with a glass of Spumante and a piece of apple cake.

When asked if I was sorry to leave, I had to say, “No, now that it’s raining.”

But I would surely come back again to rent a little place in the Val Taleggio. It is a paradise.

Tomorrow I leave at 7am for the train station in Bergamo.

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