Days 37-38 Sirolo and Jesi to Roma

Today we took off for for the Adriatic Coast, for a town called Sirolo. There we peered down at a beach only reached by boat.

The beach we went to required climbing down what seemed like miles of stairs to a rocky beach filled with quite a number of people.

We spent a bit of time on the beach then took a break with lunch at a seaside restaurant.

The restaurant is called La Grotta, likely due to the many small cave-like places underneath the terrace where the owners can gather together and hang out at the beach.

The kids have great fun.

Back in Jesi, the night comes alive as people of all ages walk the main street, shopping, stopping for an aperativo, or just talking a walk.

We have pizza for dinner, at a very popular place where the pizza is made by the meter or kilo. It is our last meal together.

The next day the waitress who has served us coffees each day during our stay stands with Francesco and Ugo for a good-bye photo.

Our group photo was taken when the main street was empty during the mid-day pause.

Our last day we take a walk around Jesi’s walls, built in the 1300s, before taking off in different directions.

After a long train trip, I’m happy to say I’ve arrived in Rome. I’m surprised to see how the Rome Train Station has modernized since my last visit in June 2022. I had a very quick dinner at the Roma Mercato Centrale, which is similar to the Central Market in Florence. All kinds of food are offered by various vendors for eating in the large informal setting.

Although it’s considered a no-no, I had a last Campari Spritz with my cacio e peppe.

.It will be a long time til my next. I take off tomorrow for home.

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