Days 43 and 44 – Agnone

We pass the town of Pesche on the way from Rome to Agnone for a two-week program of language immersion called Live and Learn Italian.

Agnone is in the region of Molise, the newest region in Italy. It was once part of Abruzzo.

After about a two-hour drive from Rome, we reach Agnone, a long narrow town situated on a ridge.

The men in town have been waiting for us.

We nearly immediately become acquainted with the town and its people. Silvana, our guide, shows us the wooden torch that is carried throughout a festival called the Ndocciata. The tradition is said to have begun when farmers carried these torches to midnight mass on Christmas Eve to see their way and scare away wolves and other animals.

The practice grew such that now men wear dozens of these torches in a parade through the streets on Chrismas Eve.

The main public square in the historic center of town is the meeting point for many activities. At this place once stood the tomolo, a stone with three holes used by merchants to measure quantities.

Our classes are held in a Franciscan Convent up the street from the main square.

The director Antonio tells us about the frescoes under the arches.

Altars in the nearby church have a style very different from those in northern Italy.

This altar contains relics, not of saints, but of wealthy local family ancestors. Agnone was at one time a wealthy city producing many desirable goods.

Locks on some of the older doors are intricate and beautiful.

Silvana takes us on a tour of the stores where we may purchase food and other items during our two-week stay. This is a round variety of cucumber.

We have dinner at Mario’s place and play a game of bocce in advance. Mario tries to determine which team’s ball is closest to the pallino.

Some of us posed with Agnone behind us.

Mario cooks up a fine meal and cuts a watermelon with gusto

and with impressive results.

We are a happy group

and are off to a good start.

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