Day 52 – Agnone

Today we visit Carovilli, another small town set on a very steep hill.

City Hall with the bar next door. A ceremony for installing a new mayor is taking place so the bar cannot accommodate us. It is full of celebrants congratulating the new mayor, and the rain makes sitting outside impossible.

Many of the buildings have been built right into the rocks.

Nature is right close by to nearly every home in town.

We visit the house of Stefano del Lupo, the town’s patron saint (although he has not been beatified.) Stefano was born in Carovilli in about 1099 and became a Benedictine monk. He is venerated for his taming of a ferocious wolf that menaced the countryside.

Some of his remains are enshrined in this sarcophagus in the church

next to a statue of a sweet little wolf.

Carovilli played an important part in the transhumance, in which shephards took their flocks from the mountains to the plains each year. We visit the San Domenico Church, located on a tratturo, one of the many trails which cross Molise and Apulia for the purpose of herding animals. The church is flanked by outdoor spaces used in the past to host shepherds and flocks for their overnight stay during the transhumance.

When pilgrims arrived at the church, they walked in circles around the cross, never an even number of times. I don’t know why that occurred, but our guide seems to think it is an important point to relay.

The rain brings us a rainbow.

We are glad the rain stops so we can take a group photo in front of the rainbow. It disappeared quickly.

Our first bad weather. It is a blip in what have been very pleasant days, sunny but not too hot.

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