Day 10 – Kochker

The view from my hotel room includes the metal roofs pervasive in the area.

We visit a women’s cooperative where we are shown their felting process to make rugs. They beat the wool prior to cleaning to get out the dust.

They lay out a design

They sprinkle boiling water on it, spread a soap bar over it and agitate it, first by hand

And then by foot. When large carpets are made, this step is done communally in the fields or streets. Unfortunately now this is rarely done. Yurts are made for markets abroad or for hotels and entertainment centres locally.

The women showed their device for making the mats they use to cover their wool. It is very primitive but effective.

When wrapped with roving the sticks can be used to make designs.

The women started up some music on a kind of big boom box.

Our guide Nur got into it too. The Kyrgyzstan people love to dance. And are very good at it from what we’ve seen.

I took a little walk around the property and came across this image of Lenin on a wall. Some of the older people would like a return to the Soviet system. They think that without Stalin, the Germans would have won World War II. The younger ones prefer independence.

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