Day 17 – Val Taleggio

Today, a very hot day, I took a walk in the afternoon to a place called Ca’Corviglio, a very tiny place in the mountains that has been restored by the Ecomuseum.

The trail looks like so many of the former mule trails in the area. The rocks can be very slippery when wet, but fortunately only one place along the way was crossed by a trickle of a stream. And most of the trail was shaded from the blistering sun.

When I came across some cows, I decided to take a photo. I thought I could get a good view by going over to these grasses, not knowing that the ground was soft

and the grasses covered some kind of ??? It felt like it was quicksand.

Fortunately I could get myself out without sinking too deeply and getting my burnt fingers contaminated. The cows just kept on grazing.

In Ca’Corviglio, once again the for-sale sign presented itself, this time on a building with a fresco that could be saying it’s from the 1600s.

The little church in town was built in the 1500s. I stopped on the bench out front for a rest break and some water, then it was back down to Sottochiesa by the asphalt road.

On the way, I passed many large wood piles.

and an old building in ruins showing the characteristic roofing with overlaid stones unique to the region’s past.

I also passed an apartment complex that the grocer had told me was a failed speculative project built by the mafia. Apparently they were not built well, and many of them are empty.

After my long walk, I looked forward to a good shower and some rest. Unfortunately, the bathtub/shower facilities also require vigilance to avoid slipping.

What a strange configuration! This is a mini-tub. I can barely fit my feet into the small section with the drain. No door or curtain. Needless to say, it’s not the shower of my dreams.

Still the water feels good and refreshing. How could it not in this intense heat? As the Italians are saying, “fa caldo da morire,” loosely translated as “it’s hot as hell.”

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Val Taleggio”

  1. Excellent!!!!
    Blue nail Polish!!!!
    [ forgive the capitalization. ]

    You are stepping into/ onto new territory!

  2. It is so sad to see the vende signs and things in disrepair. But I savor the sight of those bits of history while they are still there, hanging on….

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