Day 3 – Colca Canyon

Up early to see the condors. Apparently they start flying when the sun creates warm air currents, so we left the hotel at 6am. This meant I got up at 5am so I could have breakfast at 5:30. I skipped dinner last night. I was very tired and looking in the mirror I saw that my cheeks were bright clown-red. Was this altitude fever? I thought I’d better get some rest.

In the freezing cold morning at 5am, I went to take a shower. A compelling force of fine hot water rushed from the fixture. I was enjoying the heat when I looked down and realized I was standing under the spray of water in my street shoes. OMG! I am really losing it. I can only blame it on the altitude, which must have dulled my senses and fogged my brain. Que loca!

The shoes were soaked and cold. No way I could wear them. But wait! I had brought flip flops, the ones I should have worn into the shower. I had no choice but to wear these flimsy pieces of plastic up into Colca Canyon. They weren’t much protection against the cold, but at least they were dry.

The rain had given the earth a fresh coat, and surprisingly, the view from the hotel terrace now included a snow-capped mountain range that had not been there yesterday! Am I seeing things too?

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