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Day 141 – Genova

I can’t seem to get my head around Genova. I’ve visited several times, but its crazy alleyways and sweeping boulevards still make my head spin. Today I took the train from Bogliasco and arrived at the Principe train station about a half-hour later. The station layout is just as confusing as the city it serves.

Days 138-139 – Lucca

During my last two days in Lucca, I decided to take a few more photos of the place and its people. The view from my front door shows the cobblestone path up to the Renaissance wall and remnants of what some believe is the Roman wall.

Day 137 – Pisa

Today Pisa is hosting the 67th annual Regatta of the Ancient Italian Maritime Republics. A great day to visit the city. I headed to Pisa’s Field of Miracles. I was here earlier this summer, but this time I decided to actually visit the monuments despite the throngs of visitors. Early in the morning the place …

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