Day 4 – St. Louis

It is Speakers Day at the Surface Design Conference, held at the St Louis History Museum. 

Along with others, I added a few stitches to Catherine Reinhart’s  quilt, part of her Collective Mending Session project which has already had many contributors, primarily from Iowa. She creates interesting textures with threads on quilt tops.

One speaker was Yvonne Osei, an artist from Ghana, whose work includes wrapping female nude statues in African garb and capturing public reaction on video.

Another speaker,  Basil Kinkaid, discovered his family heritage through quilting after he had a very powerful dream of his grandmother. Prior to that, he had worked in Ghana using phone cards to create a quilt-like fabric.

I made some new acquaintances and met some old friends, including Meredith Jackson, a woman who had organized and led my tour of Uzbekistan. Quite a nice surprise.

As she is a vegetarian, she found a place to eat with an app called the Happy Cow. It came up with the Taco Buddha, quite the popular place. The tacos and margaritas were tasty!

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