Day 8 – Machu Picchu

Up at 4:30am to take the bus up the mountain. I felt pretty good until just after breakfast. I think I ate too quickly then flushed it down with coffee that tasted like motor oil. On our walk to the bus terminal, I started to feel rumblings in my stomach along with a bloated, gassy feeling.

The runs at the ruins! A single bathroom, costing one sole, stands at the entrance to the site, and once admitted, if you leave the site, you need to show your entrance ticket and passport again. Most of the group thought it best to use the toilet before we got started, but paying my sole turned out to be unproductive. I was stuck with a gaseous belly like a volcano ready to erupt.

Our initial view of the site might as well have been the Golden Gate Bridge socked in by fog. Pure grey-white mist. I had to laugh. As time progressed, the fog lifted revealing the majestic mountains with massive stone structures built into them.

Several llamas chomped grass on the terraces once used for agriculture.

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