Day28 – Genova

Today is a special day, as it’s the last day. I said goodbye to Cheryl and saw her off on the metro to the train station, where she headed for Milan. Ciao, Cheryl! Ciao! Ciao!

On my own, I found a focaccia booth on Piazza di Ferrari where they were selling focaccia as a cancer benefit of some kind. A very good reason to buy more focaccia.



I popped into the Palazzo Ducale which has been showing an Edvard Munch exhibit. Skipping that, I went for the exhibit on food in Italy, held in the bowels of the Palazzo Ducale.

Interesting to see how the quality and quantity of food has changed the average height of Italians over time. Also interesting is the use of printed white cardboard boxes to convey information. This may only work in an ancient gallery dating from the Middle Ages.


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