Day4 – Kakum Park

Today we visited a 234-square-mile protected rainforest to hike and do a canopy walk. The Kakum Park is home to an assortment of wild animals, including forest elephants, giant hogs, flying squirrels, leopards and various species of monkey, but we only heard crickets and saw some lizards. We did not expect to see many animals as they hang out deep in the forest.

Our guide, Samuel, identified trees and plants in the forest and told us about many of their uses. The buttresses on this tree give it stability. Natives learned from chimpanzees that they could pound on the buttress to make signal sounds like a drum. Different trees make different sounds.

We walked across the canopy about 120 feet above the forest floor, the long wooden walkways and various viewing platforms gave us spectacular views of the park.

The wood and rope canopy bridges are strung between huge trees; they sway but there are rope sides. At first I felt unsafe but soon enough got used to it…but never complacent.

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