Day7 – Naples

I planned Naples as stopover to make transit connections, so I didn’t think much about sightseeing. Only two or three things I wanted to do for sure: a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, a visit to the Duomo, and maybe a visit to a market. Love those markets.

I’ve been very lucky so far. My health has been good, and my poor joints and feet, on endless treks here and there, are still getting me from place to place. I was hoping to give them a rest today, but what others think is just right over there can end up being miles away, or so it seems. I always ask “Is it far?” when asking for directions. They have a saying here, “uno centimetre,” which supposedly means “just a little bit,” like an inch. Yea, right! We’re using way different measuring sticks.

Thinking I was heading to the market, I ended up at the National Museum. I entered the big doors looking to buy a ticket and found a beautiful archaeological exhibit of Naples through the ages and an array of amphora and other ceramics.


But where was the ticket office? It turns out I was in the metro station. The exhibit shows objects found when building the metro, but the actual museum is upstairs.

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