Days 10-11 Val Taleggio

The Valtaleggio Ecomuseum has designated several trails in the area for different themes. Today I took a walk on the trail dedicated to history and the sacred.

It’s a wide and easy trail.

I passed by several old farm buildings with objects from the past hanging on the exterior.

Handmade nails half a foot long arranged on a chain like a necklace.

A portrait hangs in honor of a former owner.

Hay used to slide down this funnel. It still may be in use as there was some hay at the bottom.

Today was presentation day for the fellows at the NAHR residency who have spent the last two weeks here. All of the presentations dealt with the topic of air. Setting up took some time and effort.

Many presentations included sound. Clicking on a QR code brought participants to this website to listen to the sounds of the air.

One artist made flutes of various shapes and let people try them out. A bottle of sanitizer stood by for hygiene.

This artist involved participants in an interactive experience.

It was a casual and low-key event. This artist played tunes she had composed and recorded for the directional winds on her handmade flutes. The children standing in the background had provided sounds she used as a source. They were thrilled to hear their tune incorporated in the piece.

Afterwards we had a farewell dinner😘. Now there are only two of us left.

That night after dinner I noticed a huge red swelling near my left ankle. It got worse as the night went on, and I was not good for much the next day except to go to the pharmacy in Olda. I think it must be a bite I got perhaps when walking through some grasses. In any case, it seems to be getting better. I can walk pretty well without pain now.

As a result of my injury, I had a dolce far niente day, like this guy in his lounge chair.

Tomorrow is Ferragosto with a lunch party planned for mid-day. And the Ascension of the Madonna with her procession around the village.

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  1. Even with being a bit out of sequence due to an unusually busy spell, I’m enjoying your adventure so much! Such interesting information and wonderful back up of photos. Grazie!!

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