Day23 Arimatsu

Today’s Shibori festival in Arimatsu did not disappoint. Crowds came from everywhere to see the town’s traditional hand tied and dyed fabric. This man sits in front of one of the three buildings in which the town’s cultural treasures, the floats, are stored. Behind him are large puppet figures that play a part in the …

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Day22 Miyama to Kyoto

This morning I took a few moments to gather some reeds by the river in front of the ryokan where we stayed last night. Our time in Miyama is way too short.

Day21 Miyama

Today we took a train, then a bus to an area called Miyama, which has a number of thatched roof houses that have survived from the older times.

Day20 Kyoto

This morning we visited the Nishijin Textile Center. This woman is weaving on a vintage jacquard loom in which punched cards drive the warp threads that make the pattern. These cards inspired the development of computer programming.

Day19 Kyoto

Today we visited the famous Ryoanji Temple where the rock garden contains 15 rocks that can’t all be seen at once from any angle. We got there early and enjoyed the lillies in the pond before the hordes of schoolchildren arrived.

Day18 Kyoto

Much of today was taken up by traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto. When we arrived in Kyoto, Yoshiko gave us a tour of the enormous 15-story Kyoto Station.

Day17 Tokyo

Today was a very long day. I got up early to visit the Zojo-ji shrine near our hotel. It used to be the shrine for the Tokugawa Shogun’s family so it held a favored position and contains the family’s burial ground. The area was bombed during World War II and has been reconstructed.

Day15 Chichibu

Yoshiko, the tour leader, was able to buy a lot of silk fiber that is a byproduct of silk reeling. I’m bringing some home. They look like silk worms.

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