Day 18 Paro -Tiger’s Nest

Not much good to say about the food for foreigners here in Bhutan, except that the veggies are fresh. Last night’s dinner included a mono, the dumpling, good greens, and some inedible pork bits with a glump of fat.

Day 17 Paro

Today we drove to Paro from Thimphu. On the way we stopped at our guide’s house in Thimphu. This is the view from his front room and balcony.

Day 15 To Thimphu

Today we visited a nunnery on the outskirts   of Punakha. It has an amazing setting on a hilltop with views every which way. The place is a school for nuns. They must attend for nine years. Afterwards they can choose to teach or live a life of meditation.

Day 13 To Trongsa

Today we traveled on Bhutan’s East/West Highway, the only thoroughfare from East to West Bhutan. It’s not exactly Highway 101. We traveled 72 kilometers in four hours due to the muddy, treacherous road conditions.

Day 11 – Bumthang

Today we visited the Tamshing Monastery where the Tamshi Phala Choepa Festival was held. This monastery was built in 1501, and the dances performed are the original dances of the festival in honor of the monk who founded the monastery.

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