Day 12 – 13 Athens

I barely survived the two flights: Bishkek to Istanbul and Istanbul to Athens. I was definitely feeling poorly and was grateful I had accepted the idea of an airport pickup from the RoadScholar guide of my next tour.

On arrival at the hotel, I took a home antigen test and, no surprise, tested positive. The hotel staff immediately confined me to my room, unattractive quarters the size of a very small match box.

Posters on the wall declared the COVID requirements. Had this been the case in Central Asia, I would not have gotten sick, but there, it was if COVID did not exist, or at worst it was a bad cold.

I was not allowed to use the restaurant and had to order all through room service without a menu. Results of my first order. Way too much bread stuff and not enough orange juice.

I found a lab a few blocks away and headed off to get a pcr test. Right next door to the hotel is one of three sex shops I encountered on the five block jaunt to the lab. It’s not exactly an image aligned with the RoadScholar brand.

The hotel Acropoliana Spirit is located on a very busy street. Along with sex shops, rental car agencies seem to favor this location.

I must be very careful walking down the street to prevent a calamitous fall

This sweet little bit of greenery is a haven amidst the urban hubbub.

The test results will take over a day. I must be patient. I decide to check out the neighborhood now that I’m released from jail for a temporary leave. I come across some very nice tourist items on the pedestrian street near the Acropolis Museum

And someone’s home across the street.

I see these wooden bikes in front of the Coco-mat Hotel and imagine that it would be a fine place to stay.

Dinner in my cell is a very good chicken souvlaki with a salad ruined with gobs of dressing.

Clearly I cannot proceed with the second tour, so I’ll need to check out options. Tomorrow is another day.

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