Day 14 – Athens

I spent most of yesterday working out flights home and places to stay until I am able to fly. Negative tests are no longer required to enter the U.S., so I am giving myself a week to get better.

Most of the day was lost working out return flights. I was getting quotes like $3000 for a flight from Athens to Istanbul!!

The staff at United Airlines was very helpful and after a couple of hours on the phone, I had a nonstop flight from Istanbul to SFO on March 23

And a flight from Athens to Istanbul on May 22 for 6500 points.

I also got very lucky and found other lodging in the area so I could leave my cell.

Before I left the hotel, I asked if I could go up to the 7th floor to see the view of the Acropolis that had been denied me.

Yes, it is a good view, but if I stayed longer I would not be able to enjoy it stuck in my cell. I took off for a four-minute walk to my new quarters.

It is located on the pedestrian street Makrigianni and right across from the Acropolis Metro station and Acropolis Museum.

I waded through the masses of tourists to get there, but once inside, I found the entry empty and quiet. Fortunately there is an elevator.

The view from its balcony includes the Acropolis.

And the Acropolis Museum

I could not be more pleased with the apartment.

The pcr results were supposed to be sent by 5:30 today, but I did not receive them. I will go back to the lab tomorrow if they don’t show up tonight. I’m feeling much better, a big relief.

Meanwhile I am enjoying both the comfort and convenience of this beautiful apartment. People watching from the balcony provides entertainment along with BBC World News.

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