Day 15 – Athens

The PCR tests did not show up overnight, so I walked to the lab to see what was up. The clerk checked out my results, told me they were positive, made a printout, put it in a large envelope, and gave it to me.

I thought it best to look at what they gave me before I left the lab. Glad I did, as it was all Greek to me. I asked for an English translation and 10 minutes later I had the precious paper, proof for the insurance claim.

On the way back to my lodging, I came across several shops with interesting items. A silk band on a simple linen sleeve.

Running stitch along a pocket.

A basket image printed on a tyvek bag.

The walk took me past buildings showing their age.

And a surprising reminder of home.

It turns out May 18th is International Museum Day, and one of the best museums in the world, right across the street from my lodging, is offering free admission.

Judge me if you will, but I could not hold back from the opportunity. I masked up and headed across the street.

On the way, I saw this gardener pulling weeds from between the ancient stones under the museum.

Architects of the museum building have won numerous awards for their innovative design. Glass flooring allows visitors to look down into lower floors, including the ancient ruins underneath the museum.

Three floors are filled with pieces from the Parthenon and items found on the acropolis.

This particular piece caught my attention. A “magic” sphere found near the Theatre of Dionysus covered with magic symbols, including an image of the god Helios.

And various magical symbols which may have been used to invoke success in the contests at the Theater of Dionysus.

The head of Gorgon, ever-present in ancient times.

Marilyn, on the flight from Bishkek to Istanbul. at the worst of her bout with Covid.

The Parthenon frieze, with pieces stolen by Lord Elgin clearly identified.

Spinning whorls looking like new.

The museum’s top floor offers fantastic views of the city.

I see my apartment from the terrace.

I return “home” for an afternoon rest.

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