Day 22 – Ayacucho

Today we woke up to a cloudy day. We visited a very unique artist from Sarhua, who makes tablas, plaques with paintings of family history. These tablas are ordered by godfathers when their godchild moves to a new house. The tabla is placed on a beam of the house.

We were able to paint our own tabla using natural pigments.

The paintings are charming and reflect the culture and activities of the villagers.

Next we visited a small shop where single mothers sell their items. They had a lot of fun modeling their hats.

I fell in love with the corn political party images. Each corn has a unique expression. Another woman on the trip, Georgia, noticed that Elizabeth Prado of the Corn Party displayed different images on her ads based on the neighborhood. Here she is in more native garb. In another image, she’s dressed as a businesswoman. She won the election and is the mayor of Huamanga, now fighting corruption.

The two Aussies Warwick and Sue enjoyed themselves immensely. Great companions and trip mates.

In the afternoon we visited a workshop with a view of Ayacucho that shows the surrounding hills.

The women workers sat out on the veranda overlooking Ayacucho while Maximo looked on.
One of the women was making a complex braid.

Next we visited a silversmith who showed us some unique pieces.

He also had a display cabinet full of stuffed white teddy bears with red ribbons that said “ti amo” on them. Quite a contrast to his silver work.
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