Day 24 – Ayacucho

On our last day we visited several more workshops. In the first this woman is using a puchka, a drop spindle, to spin yarn.

Next we visited Maximo’s new studio in Ayacucho. His sister here is in charge of colors.

Colors are an important part of Maximo’s work.
Next we visited a master retablo maker, who builds his retablos out of a potato paste.

He kneads, then molds the dough into figurines.

His wife paints the figurines.

We were all allowed to paint the figurine of our choice. Here is the little man I painted in front of a retablo made in the master’s workshop. My little man has a perplexed expression on his face. What am i doing here? It was extremely difficult to paint the small figures, and it gave us a great appreciation for the work.
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