Day 25 – Ayacucho to Lima to SFO

Departure day. I took a photo of the room I had occupied for the past 12 days. The room was identified as Vilcashuaman, rather than with a room number. I had fun with the reception staff when I picked up and returned the key, saying “la llave para Vilcashuaman, por favor” each time. Lots of smiles as they helped me with pronunciation.

Here’s the group waiting for the van to the airport. We have exchanged contact info and are more than a bit sad to leave after spending the last 12 days together.

The sky above the ViaVia courtyard this morning is bright blue with spattered clouds.

The plane ride to Lima over the Andes offered spectacular views.

Georgia and I are on the same United plane to Houston departing 11:50pm tonight. We arrived at the Lima airport at 9am from Ayacucho. My original plan was to take a tour of the shanty town in Lima, but the fog in Lima deterred me, along with Georgia’s plan to hang out in the United Airlines Lounge all day and night. It sounded like a good plan, but the checkin did not start until 3 hours before our United departure, and we couldn’t enter the lounge until checkin, so we hung out at Starbucks, the only place we could get wifi in the Lima airport.

This Starbucks employee is offering us a coffee tasting. She was very kind and understanding to us two bag ladies who monopolized a small round table for about 13 hours straight.

This tasting was at 1:30pm, at which point we had only about 10 hours to go. Home soon!

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